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Specialists in 

Restoration, Enhancement & Protection Coatings.


NEAT Enhancements Ltd

Specialists in Restoration, Revitalisation & Graphene Protection Coatings.

Bathrooms - Kitchens - Bedrooms - Glass / Frames - Exterior Doors & Surfaces 

Auto / Paint correction - Musical Instruments - Hard Plastics / Metal Seating


bathroom restoration & graphene coating protection 

Neat Enhancements Ltd

When it comes to enhancing and protecting your surfaces, NEAT Enhancements Ltd with our specialist technology stands out as the ultimate choice. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium quality, we only use specialist enhancements. Our services offer an array of benefits that go beyond traditional cleaning & surface protection methods.

First and foremost, this technology allows our coatings to create an impenetrable shield against harmful elements such as UV rays, oxidation, fall-out contaminants, and everyday environments, including water hardness, staining, misting with added protection against dirt and grime.

The result? A long-lasting, shield and showroom-quality shine that keeps your surfaces looking brand new and protected.

But that's not all. Our specialist treatments also provide exceptional durability, ensuring your surfaces remain protected against scratches, swirl marks, and stains. With its hydrophobic properties, water and dirt slide off effortlessly, reducing the need for frequent washing and cleaning, saving you valuable time and effort while maintaining a pristine ‘NEW’ appearance.

kitchen restoration & graphene coating protection 


Key Benefits

Proven to be cost effective: Save up to 80% against replacement and construction costs

Minimal disassembly required

Stunning cosmetic appearance

Strong and lasting durability

Reduces future cleaning effort and time

Green and enviro friendly - no refuge, no waste, no recycling or transport costs

bedroom restoration & graphene protection coatings


Our guarantee to you.

Our coatings are extremely high chemical and salt resistance.

Professional application only.  We are highly trained and industry specialist.

Highly professional products, not available anywhere from mainstream retail outlets or online.

Protects all finished surfaces, ensuring they remain stronger and protected than most other Coatings, by some considerable margin, also helping prevent scratches and water spotting. 

Complete dirt, grime, mould and daily contaminants plus full UV protection.

Adding and maintaining product value.

NEAT Enhancement care will reduce your future maintenance costs, and will require minimal future cleaning time and effort.

Instrument restore and graphene coating protection 

Neat Enhancements


Vehicle Detailing

Paint Corrections / Enhancement / Coatings


Our detailing and paint enhancement services are designed to bring your vehicles to life and back to production line finish,

with mirror paint work and a deep stunning gloss shine. 


Graphene coating protection available for up to 7 years.

vehicle detailing

Detailing Image 4.webp

Exterior Surfaces

Windows & Frames 

Restoration, Enhancement & Protect


Low Cost

Weather Resistant

Durable Protection

Stunning Cosmetics  

Easy Cleaning 

Maintains Product Value


Graphene coating protection for up to 7 years.

NEAT Seat Restoration.jpg


Stadium and Venue Seating Restoration.

  • Highly Cost Effective

  • Low Maintenance

  • Minimal Disruption, No water, power or cables needed for application

  • Lasting Durability

  • Unrivalled Cosmetic Appearance

  • Reduces Cleaning Times


Applied to restore, enhance and protect existing colour schemes.

Direct Restore Ceramics.jpg

Where to find us:

NEAT Enhancements

61 Bridge Street





0871 263 0136

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Signage Restoration & Protection Coatings

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