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Direct Restore Ceramics Detailing
Direct Restore Ceramics Detailing

Vehicle Detailing
& Enhancement

 Car Detailing & Enhancement Services


When it comes to protecting your surfaces, NanoMaxx Technology stands out as the ultimate choice. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium quality, we only use specialist approved enhancements and are accredited, authorised users. Our methods offer an array of benefits that go beyond traditional paint & surface protection methods. First and foremost, this technology creates an impenetrable shield against harmful elements such as UV rays, oxidation, fall-out contaminants and everyday environments, including water hardness, staining and misting with added protection against dirt and grime.. The result? A long-lasting, shield and showroom-quality shine that keeps your surfaces looking brand new and protected.

Our detailing service is designed to bring your car to life and back to production line finish, mirror paint work with a deep gloss shine, ceramic coating protection for up to 7 years.

Also specialist cleaning of engine bay, under body and chassis.








Please note: We do not offer a mobile service


We offer a FREE collect and drop off service by our fully insured drivers.

Direct Restore Ceramics Detailing

Our 'Head Turner' 
7 Year Ceramic Coating

Detailing Package

£539.99 (Inc VAT)

Including FREE vehicle collection and return
Other detailing offering 1, 3 and 5 year Ceramic Coatings packages available from £330.00
Depending on car size, call us for a no-obligation quote

Pre Wash Treatment (TFR)

Pre Treatment to loosen and agitate surface dirt,

under wheel arches, boot, Door and Engine Bay Shuts. Complete Engine clean and protect treatment.

Contact Hand Wash

2 Bucket Method

Complete safe contact hand wash, 2 bucket method.  Rinse and micro fibre hand towel dry. This will prep your vehicle for the decontamination stages.

Compound Polish & Paint Correction

By machine, to remove imperfections in the paint work such as swirls and scratches. This can be completed in stages ending with a finished gloss.

Snow Foam


Scented Snow Foam Spay to further agitate and loosen remaining dirt and grime. Detail cleaning of window edges, car badges, grills etc

Clay Bar & Fall out Removal Treatment

To remove paint contamination and fall out. Essential part of the process to prepare the vehicle for machine compounding & polishing.

Ceramic Coatings

1, 3, 5 or 7 yr Protection

Panel wipe & prep to remove residue polish and compound. Finally treated with a high quality Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating, giving 1,3,5 or 7 years protection 

Treat Your Vehicle Further....

Additional Treatments:


Wheel and Brake Calliper Ceramic Coating

£20.00 Per Wheel

Chassis and Under-Body Clean and Protect (including Engine)


Subject to availability and advanced booking

Direct Restore Ceramics Detailing
Direct Restore Ceramics Detailing
Direct Restore Ceramics Detailing
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