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Musical Instruments Restoration, Enhancement and Protection

When it comes to protecting your surfaces, NEAT Enhancements Ltd with Nanoscopic technology stand out as the ultimate
surface protection choice. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium quality. Our services offer an array of benefits
that go way beyond traditional cleaning & surface protection methods.

REAL Protection against dirt, grime, mould, and everyday contaminants.

First and foremost, we create an impenetrable shield on your surfaces against harmful elements such as scratches, scuffs, UV rays, oxidation, fallout contaminants, plus protection against, dust, dirt and grime & fingerprints.

NEAT Enhancements Specialist Restoration.jpg

Every care is taken to deliver a prompt, professional and high quality finish to all surfaces. The procedure is a highly advanced cleaning treatment for your exterior surfaces. When completed, it will give you a lasting deep gloss and cleanliness which can last up to 5 years.

Future cleaning times will be greatly reduced and made much more easy and less strenuous.

(it will be advised that you continue your normal routine cleans using a recommended product and method of aftercare)



Guitars & other specialist instruments.


Depending on the surface, Procedure can take up to 3 hours to complete, but will give you up to 5 years full protection.

Please note: All procedures are carried out by professional and highly trained operatives, using ceramic coatings whilst untrained can cause damage to surfaces. Our operatives are trained to use specially formulated Coatings suitable for particular finished surfaces.

Call us for more details.

Neat Enhancements
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